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Fairy Godmothers take action to make prom affordable

Norfolk, Va. – NewsChannel 3 is taking action and partnering with the Fairy Godmothers of Virginia to help girls get ready for the prom.

The Fairy Godmothers will host their annual prom fair this Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Norfolk State University Student Center.

The event allows high school juniors and seniors with a financial hardship to buy affordable prom dresses and accessories.

Students must be a junior or senior to participate, and show a valid student ID.

This year, students do not need to pre-register.

For more information, CLICK HERE.

8th Annual Fairy Godmothers of Virginia Prom Fair

Heater causes carbon monoxide leak at Norfolk hotel

Norfolk, Va. - Fire crews say a heating source in the basement of Norfolk’s Tazewell Hotel and Suites  caused a carbon monoxide leak Monday morning.

No one was hurt. 10 people inside were evacuated.

Fire and rescue crews responded Monday morning shortly after 7 a.m. to  investigate possible reports of a gas leak at the Norfolk hotel. All occupants were evacuated.

According to Captain Mike Hicks of Norfolk Fire Rescue, fire and rescue units responded to the Tazewell Hotel and Suites, located in the 100 block of Granby Street.

Fire crews arrived and found small levels of gas in the alley behind the Tazewell building.

Crews found high ratings of carbon monoxide inside the hotel itself. They will be attempting to ventilate the building.

Only one lane is open from the 200 to the 100 block of Granby Street.

Watch at Noon for updates.

USS Laboon to return to Norfolk

Norfolk, Va. – It’s going to be a busy day for military families in Hampton Roads.

One ship will be returning, while three others will be leaving.

NewsChannel 3′s Darragh Copely is live outside Naval Station Norfolk with more.

The crew of the USS Laboon is expected back home today.

The guided-missile destroyer was deployed for eight months to the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The Kearsarge Amphibious Ready Group is scheduled to deploy today.

The ARG was originally supposed to leave Friday, but was delayed because of rough waters.

The USS Kearsarge and USS San Antonio will leave Naval Station Norfolk.

The USS Carter-Hall will leave today from Little Creek-Fort Story.

The ARG will pick up marines at Camp Lejeune, then head to the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Norfolk sailor accused in shooting death

Norfolk, Va. – Sailor Joseph Chatfield is now behind bars for allegedly shooting and killing a man inside his home.

Those who know Chatfield say he is a good man.

Friends and family call him Jessie. They say the 25-year-old is a devoted husband and father.

Norfolk police have accused him of shooting 35-year-old Casey Hardesty yesterday morning in his home on Glenoak Drive.

Hardesty later died after being transported to the hospital.

Those who know Chatfield say he has never been a violent man.

“I was extremely, extremely shocked. Not that kind of person. He’s got a wife and a daughter that he loves very much and you can tell by his Facebook page that he’s all about his daughter so, he’s not violent and doesn’t seem like that kind of guy” says neighbor Cliffton Elliot.

Norfolk police searching for pizza shop robber

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Facebook Announces New Layout Changes

          With Facebook up 4% in the market, the Facebook news feed has become a part of every user’s down time. Thursday Facebook executive’s announced that the news feed will be redesigned. There are many new details that designers are very excited about. Now when users log into their account they will notice that all visual content, including videos, are now enlarged. Users will also notice that they have the ability to group status updates into categories like photos, music and sports.

Lake Taylor Titans celebrate second state title in four years

It was a big night for the Lake Taylor Titans!

They had their big game against Princess Anne and both teams came ready to battle it out.

The end of the game was neck and neck and Princess Anne trailed 54-51 with only 48 seconds left in the game.

It came down to the wire in those last few seconds when both teams sealed a final two points and Lake Taylor clinched the victory 56-53.

It’s been a successful year for Lake Taylor as the school’s football team also claimed the state title in the fall.